City of Atkins Updates September 11th

City of Atkins Updates September 23rd,

City of Atkins Clean up Day will be October 3rd from 8am to 2pm at the Atkins Fire Station Parking lot.  See the Flyer here.

Tree and Brush collection continues will be continuing through the end of September.  The City will then re access the need.  Please continue to place brush and trees at the curb.

Construction materials are still being pickup at well.  Please continue to place construction materials at the curb.  Damaged household items and appliances can be taken Benton County Landfill or they can be brought to the Atkins Clean up Day on Oct 3rd (see above)

No open burning is allowed in The City of Atkins.  Recreational fires are allowed if they are monitored, no more then 3 ft tall and a minimum of 25Ft from structures or brush piles.  The brush and grass are very dry and fire could spread quickly.

Solid Waste, Yard Waste and Recycling will be picked up as normal on Wednesdays.

The City of Atkins will be resuming late fees on the City Services monthly bill.  The City Services payment is due by the 20th of each month.  After the 20th of the month a $15.00 late fee will be applied to your account.  The City will also resume water shut off due to non-payment.  Notices will be sent to residents impacted by this. You can Pay anytime online at or sign up for automatic ACH withdrawal from your account. If you have questions about your City Services Statement please call City Hall at 319-446-7870.

The Water Payment Drop box in the City Hall Parking lot will be relocated near the ATM in the City Hall Parking lot.  You can still drop off payments or any other correspondence like, Garbage Can/Recycle Container replacement requests, building permits, etc.

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