Welcome to the City of Atkins!

More than a just a place where people live, our community is unique and vibrant. This community is home to friends and neighbors, people who contribute to the excellent quality of life. But its not just the people, but also the government, the businesses, the schools, and the activities that make us a great place to live or visit. We are proud to call this our home.

  • New Council Member Rick Stolzfus

    On Thursday December 30th, 2021 the Atkins City Council voted to appoint Rick Stoltzfus of Atkins to the vacant council seat. Thank you to all that showed an intent to be considered for this seat. Welcome Rick to the City Council!

    Mayor, Bruce Visser

    New Council Member Rick Stolzfus
  • Electrical System Upgrade Information

    Click here -Alliant Energy Underground Project Information

    Areas of Atkins are designated for Electrical Power System upgrades as part of the Alliant Energy program to replace overhead wires with underground equipment for electrical system distribution. The project primarily effects the older areas of the city. The project will provide benefits of a reliable electrical delivery system within Atkins. This project has been on-going for several years and will resume soon. Alliant Energy has contacted the homes and business effected by this project.  If you have questions about this program, Alliant Energy has provided a contact source for you.

    Electrical System Upgrade Information
  • NEW! -Recycle Calendar News – 2022
  • City of Atkins Fall Newsletter

    City of Atkins Fall 2021 Newsletter is available.

    Paper copies available at City Hall and the City Library.

    Tel: 319-446-7870

    click here for on-line copy

    City of Atkins Fall Newsletter
  • On-line and bill pay notice

    Online Payment processing time –

    The City of Atkins accepts bank transfers and on-line bill payments for City Service (Water bill) payments.  When using this payment method. Please make your payment on-line at least 5 days prior to the due date on the City Service bill. This time allows your bank or credit union time to process your payment and transfer that payment amount to City of Atkins accounts. The processing time needs to be allowed for when you authorize your bank or credit union or credit card to make the payment to the City.

    Thank you. Contact City Hall if you have questions. 319-446-7870.

    On-line and bill pay notice